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Watch as the Wings Beat Chapter 3
  The two people lead Six to down a hall to yet another room. The purple haired girl, who was standing next to Six, smiled kindly at Six. "Sorry if Pixius scared you at all... he's very... er, strange about his science, and he has only really had one success before you."
    Six gazed up at the girl. She wore a long, white coat like the others, but she wore large, awkward glasses that were tapped at the nose and her kept her long purple hair pony-tailed back. Six felt much more comfortable around this girl compared to the others, especially Pixius. "T-thank you," Six murmured.
    The girl smiled again. "I'm Tairia, in case you ever want to... see me..." Six smiled at Tairia and gently pulled on her sleeve.
    Tairia and the other white coated man lead Six into a room with a large bed-like table. They assisted her onto the large structure, and began to strap her down. Six started to panic, shaking even harder when she saw Tairi
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alsike by rainslick alsike :iconrainslick:rainslick 29 3
Watch as the Wings Beat Chapter 1
Part 1
Chapter 1
    Her head pounded in her ears as she continued to dodge the blows that her rival threw at her. Her strength was waning, her moves became more and more jerky. She moved uncoordinatedly as another thorned tentacle flew by her. She winced as a spike scrapped her cheek. Flapping her wings furiously, she flipped through the air, gripping her super-sensitive ears protectively. She opened her lips, preparing her body for another spell, the only weapon she had against the creature in the shade. The moment the first wave left her tongue, she could see the creature convulse violently. Before she could blink, or even take a breath, the shadow was upon her, clawed hands at her throat. The darkness parted to reveal the face that she knew so well, the face that was nearly identical to her own.
    "W-why?" she barely managed to choke out.
    The shadow-woman's eyes flashed with anger, and she smiled mockingly, encoating the girl with the crushi
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I'm really tired but I can't really sleep, so I decided to stalk your page for a bit before trying to head off to bed again; I'm going to try and make a few character designs tomorrow but I will hop on Xenoverse at some point so we can try a few missions again, the server thing is still a bit hiccupy for me though. ANNNDDDDD I don't think I like playing a Conjurer on FFXIV, people thank me for saving them but I am SO WEAK! almost one hit KO kinda weak :( . Oh while I'm thinking about it, when I  make my Magic Punk characters do you think I should pull from the old Saiyuki tale? (the Chinese story of the 'Monkey-King' Goku with the red pole and flying cloud) or should I pull from a more British origin (Witches, Wizards, Fairies ect)
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